they say

'Hanslip is a thinker, a dreamer, sometimes a silent breeder' (Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy magazine) - possibly translated inaccurately

'An improviser of tremendous feeling and an adventurous risk-taker' (Daniel Paton, Music OMH website) 

'Can play anything from straightahead jazz to free improvisation, and his technique, both traditional and extended, is exceptional' (Ian Mann, The Jazzmann website) 

'The go-to guy for the tricky art of playing free-fall improv with a melodic shape' (John Fordham, The Guardian)

'Mark Hanslip is one of the finest young saxophonists to emerge on the scene in recent years' (Paul Bream, Jazz North East) 

'An exceptional young tenor player.. with a beautiful, rounded tone and a fascinating way of worrying a phrase, and so building substantial solos from just a few fragments of melody' (Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast website) 

'This one's Konitz leaving town on a Coltrane - skipping the light fantastic by Rollins Toc-H Lamp' (George M., bebopspokenhere blog)

'Hanslip brings to his instrument a massive and cottony sound while fitting naturally into bop-derived phraseology.  Extremely dexterous, he maintains facility while also being a rather unhurried improviser, and has a harmonic sensibility that also nods to Lou Gare and John Butcher' (Clifford Allen, Ni Kantu blog)

'Rapidly becoming one of the more original voices on the London improv scene' (Daniel Spicer, BBC Music Website)