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Active Groups:

HRH (with Federico Reuben (laptop/live coding), Paul Hession (drums)
York-based trio with SuperCollider wizard Federico on laptop and freejazz/improv drum legend Paul Hession, recording on Squib-Box here  

Trio w Otto Willberg (bass) and Andrew Cheetham (drums)
My longest-standing group since moving back up north, in 2016 we were selected for Jazz North's Northern Line scheme, and in October 2018 we completed an Arts Council-funded UK tour with US trumpet star Nate Wooley. Our first album is here. We've got a more recent trio CD in the can (if anyone fancies putting it out i'm open to offers lol) and a bunch of live recordings from the tour with Nate which might appear at some point. I also play duo with Andrew and in a trio with Andrew and David Birchall on guitar

The Revival Room  (w/Adam Fairhall (hammond organ), Johnny Hunter (drums)

collaborative group playing compositions by all three of us plus the odd stock tune. new album in the can, to be released on Efpi Records later in the year

Duo w/Emil Karlsen (drums)
new Leeds-based duo with super talented young drummer

Linea 4 (w/Bruce Coates (saxophones), John Jasnoch, Ian Simpson (guitars) 

sax and guitar double-duo quartet, we've played a small handful of concerts at Fizzle in Birmingham, Noise Upstairs and Islington Mill in Manchester and Blank Canvas in Liverpool, with more planned

 Johnny Hunter Quartet 
(Seth Bennett - double bass, Graham South - trumpet, JH - drums/compositions)
Johnny's regular band, probably the busiest group I play in, we recorded an album in early 2019 

Johnny Hunter's strings project 'Pale Blue Dot' (with Seth Bennett - db, Gemma Bass - violin, Aby Vulliamy - viola, Alice Eldridge - cello, and of course JH - drums/compositions)

Trio w Johnny Hunter & Olie Brice 

Trio w/Phil Morton (guitar, sampler, objects), Walt Shaw (drums, percussion, objects)
groups recent and past: 

Duo w/Javier Carmona 
see more info here, stream and/or buy our first CD 'DosadoS' from Babel Label here 
(w/Paul Dunmall (saxophones), Ed Ricart, Phillip Gibbs (guitars)
sax and guitar double-duo quartet, our first CD is available from FMR here,  more info here, listen:

Duos with:

- Olie Brice (double bass) some live stuff here and here

- Stephane Payen (alto saxophone) - listen here 


- Otto Fischer (guitar), Tim Giles (drums)

- John Jasnoch (12 string guitar, Oud), John Ball (santoor) 

- Dominic Lash (double bass), Phillip Marks (drums) - listen here and here

Mike Hurley (piano), Mark Sanders or Miles Levin (drums) 
more info here


- Alex Bonney (trumpets) / Mark Hanslip (ts) / Olie Brice (double bass) / Mark Sanders (drums) 

Federico ReubenDominic LashPhillip Marks - new CD 'Screech 'n Glitch' coming soon, here's a preview:

Han-Earl Park (guitar), Dominic Lash (bass), Phillip Marks (drums) 

As a sideperson:

- Olie Brice Quintet (with Alex Bonney (tr), Jeff Williams (dr), Waclaw Zimpel (cl) - CD 'Immune To Clockwork' out on Multikulti records 

- Jonathan Bratoeff Quartet (also feat. Marcina Arnold) - recent CD 'Words of my Father' out on, also previously 'Mindscapes' on F-iRE Records

- Tony Bianco's Utoma Quartet (with Mike Fletcher - alto, Colin Somervell - bass) - CD out on FMR Records