Sunday, 17 April 2016

HTrio, Northern Line, 'Strange Folk' release and other news

As always seems to be the case these days it's far too long since the last post, so no messing about:

HTrio / Northern Line

HTrio (my lovely band with Otto Willberg on double bass and Andrew Cheetham on drums) has been picked for round 4 of Jazz North's Northern Line scheme - this means at least some of our northern gigs between Sep 2016 and Dec 2017 will be subsidised and properly promoted, so we'll be able to work a lot more than usual which is obviously good news

Our Northern Line page is here, we've also got a Gigmit page here and a Facebook page here, making it easily the most social media-savvy band I've been in. 

We've also made a couple of recordings recently, expertly engineered by Sam Weaver, which we're working behind the scenes to get ready in physical form in time for the first run of gigs in autumn. A taster track from each session below to whet your appetite:

Fluid Structures

'Fluid Structures', a dance film created by Michelle Richards that Phil Morton and I contributed some music to, has been broadcast on Bay TV Liverpool (a regional free view channel) and uploaded to YouTube thusly:

There's also a selection of the music Phil and I recorded up on Soundcloud here, not all of which made the final edit but I thought worth sharing:

Twelves: 'Strange Folk' CD release and launch gig 

Twelves' third album 'Strange Folk' is finally set for a July release on the Babel Label and we'll be playing a CD launch gig at the Vortex in Dalston, London on July 18th.  I hear it's had some play on Radio 3 recently too which is nice.

Other news

I've also been playing in a trio with aforementioned Otto Willberg and Stephen Grew on piano up in Lancaster, we've made some recordings which might well see the light of day before long.  Also been gigging in a very fun trio with Phillip Marks and again Phil Morton, we're averaging one gig every 5 months (best not to rush these things eh) at the moment so the next one should be in autumn. 

Finally, a trio session with drummer Ed Gauden and guitarist Barry Edwards from last year is set for release on Slam Productions in the autumn

Thanks for reading

Mark x