Sunday, 1 February 2015


It's been far too long since my last post, so I'm playing catch up - here's what's been happening, multiple albums being released into the wild, and some good things happening closer to home:


The new Twelves record 'Strange Folk' is well on the way, currently being mastered ready for release on the lovely Babel Label.  Please take a minute to 'like' our long-neglected Facebook page, and admire Jeb Loy Nichols' splendid artwork:

Olie Brice Quintet release

Olie's record 'Immune To Clockwork' has been released on the excellent Poland-based Multikulti label, and has been getting some attention in the jazz press, here's a preview track and links to a couple of reviews:

Tony Bianco's Utoma Quartet release

Tony's Utoma Quartet CD has also been released on the FMR label, we played a great concert to celebrate the launch in Essex organised by label boss Trevor Taylor - I think a film of the gig is knocking about somewhere, I will post it when I find it.  Hopefully there'll be some more gigs soon.  In the meantime here's a link to a great write-up from Bruce Gallanter of the Downtown Music Gallery in New York, SquidCo (where you can buy it) and a preview track:

Jonathan Bratöeff 'Words of my Father' album release!

I'd almost forgotten about this one!  Many moons ago (well, 2011) I was in a band called the Jonathan Bratöeff Quartet feat. Marcina Arnold.  We did lots of nice gigs around London, and then recorded an album, which due to factors of relocation and label prevarication that I can relate to (Jon lives in Berlin now) didn't get released.  Well it is being released now on the AJazz label,  and you can watch a video about it and everything, Amazon link to buy the record below the video player.

Jonathan Bratoeff: Words Of My Father Album /Jazz EPK from Stephen Folorunsho on Vimeo.

Blank Canvas

As some of you might have noticed, I'm co-curating (with Phil Morton) a series of gigs in Liverpool called Blank Canvas, and we've put on some belters.  In May we had Colin Webster & Graham Dunning up from London; July saw a visit from the Sheffield contingent - Phil played a lovely with Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, a trio of Adam Woolf, John Jasnoch and Charlie Collins played a great set, and I ventured into solo territory for the first time (recorded evidence of which will remain in lockdown); in September a double bill of Manchester's finest ABC (Sam Andreae, David Birchall and Andrew Cheetham) and Stockholm-based reedist Paul Pignon playing solo; November saw a visit from the Ripsaw Catfish tour (Cath Roberts and Anton Hunter), plus myself and Johnny Hunter, and in January we were lucky enough to be able to host Trio 876 - Jean-Michel van Schouwburg, Marcello Maggliochi and Matthias Boss - plus support of myself, Phil Morton and Phillip Marks.

Looking ahead, the March gig at the Ship and Mitre pub on Dale Street will involve the contrasting ambience and violence of Hugs Bison (Shaun Blezard and Phil Powell on various electronic devices) and Concrete Bunker (Ian Simpson on guitar, Rob Harrison on drums) plus Phil Morton solo.  May and July are still TBC!

Here's a chunk of my duo set with the excellent Johnny Hunter on drums:


In addition to the usual Centrifuge gigs - where a pool of 12 or so players form various one-off quartets and quintets throughout the night - there was also the Centrifuge: Developing an Aesthetic workshop at Manchester Met University in Crewe, involving playing and discussion between a remarkably disparate group of characters: Rob Harrison on drums, Robin Hartwell on piano and objects, Phil Morton on guitar, Adam Fairhall on piano, Steve Lewis on voice and myself on saxophone.  It was a highly productive session - lots of insights were shared, contrasting viewpoints articulated and most importantly some great music was played.

Another, similar session is being planned for the summer, in the meantime there are gigs happening at the Kro Bar in Manchester on Feb 9th and at Fizzle in Birmingham on March 17th.

Here's a piece from a recent Centrifuge gig with Alex Cutteridge, Simon Fell, Phil Hargreaves and Charlie Collins: 

Killed In Cars

As mentioned in previous posts, I've been writing articles for a US-based new music blog called Killed In Cars, I've done 3 so far and am hoping to find time to do some more.  It's been nice to discover some unbeknownst-to-me new music as well as exercise the old critical faculties, see what you think:


No, I've not been dancing.  I have however been playing with dancers, most frequently the lovely Rosalind Holgate-Smith, associated with the Cheshire Dance organisation at a regular Contact Improvisation session at Chester University, and am hoping to do more in the coming year.  It's been REALLY refreshing so far and I'm very excited by the possibilities the format opens up.  Check out Cheshire Dance's website for an idea of the amazing range of work they do.  Also check out Fallen Angels, a charity working with ex-addicts - Claire, one of their main organisers, is also a regular participant at the Chester CI sessions.

Gigs are being added to the diary page, highlights in February are another outing for the duo with John Jasnoch in Sheffield, and a recording with Stephen Grew in Lancaster.

Thanks for reading as always,