Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Summer Gubbins and Autumnal News

Dear all,

I've had a splendid summer of playing, some evidence of which has found its way online, so I thought I'd share...

I had the pleasure of playing 2 duo sessions with fantastic pianist Stephen Grew up in Lancaster, a piece from one of which is here:

I also played a duo set with guitarist John Jasnoch at the monthly 'Notes & Tones' gig at The Red Deer in Sheffield.  Here are two miniatures:  

Phil Morton, Phil Lucking and I spent a very enjoyable five days at Just So Festival in Alsager, collaborating with dancers from the Cheshire Dance company as part of their production 'The Dancing Games'.  Some photos of one of the performances have been posted HERE, and in case you were wondering what the two Phils and I sound like together, this is us playing at Bluecoat Arts Centre in Liverpool earlier this year: 

I had a great gig in Essex with Tony Bianco's Utoma Quartet, the first time we've played since recording the CD which is now out on FMR.  The gig was filmed so I guess that might emerge at some point, in the meantime here's a track from the album: 

Twelves played a couple of very nice gigs as well, at the Vortex in Dalston and at Manchester Jazz Festival - neither of these were recorded or anything but I can assure they were splendid. The new record is being mixed this month, it should appear in January(ish) 

I expect some footage from the July Centrifuge gig will appear soon, will post when it does... In the meantime there's a lovely photo feed HERE

Also, do keep an eye out for Blank Canvas gigs (which I'm now co-curating with Phil Morton) in September 21st (ABC Trio and Paul Pignon solo) and November 30th (Ripsaw Catfish plus myself and Johnny Hunter) at the Ship & Mitre, Liverpool. Links to follow. 


M x