Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weeping Idols - new CD release

Hello all,

Well..... I seem to have gotten out of the habit of updating my blog page amid some serious life upheaval (mostly involving moving to the north west of England), but all that's settling down now so it'll be back to the regular drip feed of news..

While there's lots to write about from the last year, for now I'm happy to report that a recording I played on in Autumn of 2012 - with saxophone hero Paul Dunmall, his regular partner Phillip Gibbs on guitar, and visiting from the US Ed Ricart, also on guitar - has seen the light of day.  It's called Weeping Idols, is available on FMR Records (along with a lot of Paul and Phil's other output), and incidentally is both my and Ed's first outing with FMR which we're both really excited about.  It was a great session and experience - the first time I met and played with Phil and Ed, and my first time in the studio with Paul - and I'm really happy that it's made it into the outside world.

If you want to buy a copy or would like to be sent one for review purposes you can contact me here - 

Ed runs his own label New Atlantis Records which is well worth checking out (I can highly recommend his new quartet release 'Haitian Rail' with Nick Millevoi, Travis LaPlante and Ches Smith), while Paul and Phillip of course have run their long-term label Duns Limited Edition together for a few years and have released a huge amount of amazing music through that as well as on FMR and Slam

Here's the physical article, as modelled by my beloved Hovis ceramic toast rack:

Like I said I've been doing lots of other stuff too - I'm mixing last year's duo session with Olie Brice in August aiming for a soon-ish release (hopefully!), I also played on Olie's quintet recording (with a fantastic lineup of Jeff Williams, Alex Bonney, and Waclaw Zimpel) in April, and a session with Tony Bianco's quartet in May; there have been some really nice sets at improv nights in the north west, hosted by my friends at the Liverpool-based Frakture organisation - who I've some more coming up with in the Autumn - and at Manchester-based Efpi Records, audio from which I'll be posting here; and plans are afoot for a well-overdue third Twelves record in October!  More info soon.. also check out the Diary page on this site for gigs.. 

Thanks for reading, byee