Sunday, 27 November 2011

December 2011

Some new things starting up:

In September Olie Brice and I went into a local studio in Walthamstow to record some duo miniatures, not with any particular intention as far as outcomes go, but there was some good music played. Since doing that the duo has grown (as these things do) so we'll most likely do a couple of gigs, record another day and release the results in the near futures. Here's one (unmixed) track:

In October I had the chance to play with laptop-ist Federico Reuben along with Javier Carmona, who was visiting from Spain, on drums, for a show hosted by the inimitable Adam de la Cour and Neil Luck of artist collective Squib-Box notoriety.. and was a lot of fun. I reckon we'll do it again soon, hopefully in a Mediterranean climate. The second piece is below:

In November Twelves picked up again with a gig at our usual LJF venue the Green Note (where we played our usual set), and a guitar-less trio show at The Oxford (Rob was away), which gave us a chance to play in some new compositions, some written by Riaan for the next Twelves record, and some by me (yes I still knock out a tune once in a while) for a new trio recording in the new year with just myself, Riaan and Tim. It'll take a little while to emerge as there's going to be a load of other stuff multi-tracked on top afterwards, but in the meantime here's a tune called Post-Mix (which will be on the new trio CD) from the Oxford gig:

It's also been a season of hooking up with some folks I hadn't had the chance to play with before - including regular blows with Jim Dvorak and Jim LeBaigue (both members of the legendary Dreamtime with Keith Tippett), Otto Fischer, and Steve Noble; it was really great to reconnect with some old friends from Birmingham days who I hadn't played with in several years, Miles Levin (who stepped in for Mark at the last minute on a Vortex gig, see Videos page) and Mike Fletcher; and with Stephane Payen, who I hadn't played with since the Outhouse days - we'll be playing a duo set at the NLT in Kilburn in early Jan.. also in Jan there's a gig in Birmingham with Tony Bianco's new group, which reminds me I should take a look at those charts..

As far as this blog goes I am intending to consolidate all of this stuff into a 'proper' website at some point, but in the meantime I've added a new videos page for things that crop up on the internet, and a fair amount of live recordings old and new to the Live Bootlegs page, enjoy.!