Thursday, 18 November 2010

Recent Live Recordings + Album Previews

Duo with Tony Bianco @ Delbury Hall 25/08/10

Mike Hurley/Mark Hanslip/Mark Sanders @ North London Tavern, 23/01/11

Neil Metcalfe/Olie Brice/Mark Hanslip/Javier Carmona @ Flim Flam, 28/07/10

not really recent, but for posterity's sake, Tom-Mix (with Olie Brice + Tony Marsh) @ Vortex Jazz Club, 18/02/10

and.. the duo CD with Javier Carmona is due out on Babel in late February 2011.. more about this soon, but in the meantime here's a track from it:

..and.. the new Twelves (formerly Twelves Trio, now a quartet with the lovely Rob Updegraff on guitar) CD has just arrived, due to be released, also on Babel, in January, here's a track from it called "Eyeballing":