Riaan Vosloo - double bass/compositions
Mark Hanslip - tenor sax/flute/compositions
Rob Updegraff - guitar
Tim Giles - drums

A long-standing group, the original Twelves Trio grew out of producer Ben Lamdin's band Nostalgia 77 and was initially inspired by bassist/composer Riaan Vosloo's love of William Parker's music. Following their debut CD 'Here Comes the Woodman with his Splintered Soul' (1965 Records/Sony, 2008) they added guitarist Updegraff and underwent an intensive period of gigging which resulted in their second CD 'The Adding Machine' (Babel Label, 2011), a mishmash of composition and free improvisation likened to Ornette Coleman's Prime Time, Last Exit and Power Tools-era Bill Frisell. With their third CD 'Strange Folk' set for release on Babel in May 2016, the band is now focused on a more folk-orientated sound, finding new ways to interpret traditional melodies, but still with group improvisation at its core.

Press for 'The Adding Machine':

"Twelves have a real this-is-what-we-do presence and casual virtuosity to match."
John Fordham, The Guardian

"A heady mix of Prime Time-like keening and Sco/Lo-type driving urgency, Twelves are well-equipped to move, as they do, between dramatic, anthemic rock and tumbling freer music."
Chris Parker, londonjazz blog

"The recordings here strike an inspired balance between knotty compositions, patient melodic development and dynamic, turbulent free improvisation. It is testament to the group's considerable skill that the result is not an uncomfortable mish-mash, but rather a series of coherent, powerful statements with a strong sense of narrative."
Daniel Paton, MusicOMH website

"An excellent album, and obviously a group that isn't standing still. Developing since it's first incarnation into a stronger unit that plays a music that is both daring and accessible."
Joe Higham, Free Jazz blog

"A tight yet exploratory set that neatly balances brains and brawn." BBC Music