Mark Hanslip - tenor saxophone
Otto Willberg - double bass
Andrew Cheetham - drums and percussion 

HTrio was formed in Manchester in Autumn of 2014 as a natural evolution from Hanslip and Cheetham's regular duo sessions at Sunshine Studios in the city's Northern Quarter.  Comprising three improvisers with contrasting backgrounds in jazz (Hanslip), contemporary classical music (Willberg) and rock (Cheetham), HTrio breathes new life into the classic tenor sax/bass/drums format, with a strong, unified group sound formed through many hours of jamming.  Together they create long-form improvised pieces that range from the dreamlike (breathy multi phonics, bowed tones and singing bowls) to the direct (fast and dense free jazz) whilst retaining a strong sense of melody and structure.  

In July 2015 the trio played a successful mini-tour of Manchester (Freedom Principle), Birmingham (Fizzle) and Liverpool (Blank Canvas) to full audiences and highly positive reactions, and have recorded a first album session at Manchester's Islington Mill.